On death and taxes

The old adage goes, “Nothing is sure in life except death and taxes.”

But these words are titles or umbrella terms for a host of definitives.

Death means loss, pain, aversion, sorrow, despair, insincerity. Even new beginnings have an implicit root in death.

And taxes span the constructions of human orderliness. We need systems and procedures to operate so we invented government. We need taxes to sustain this orderliness. However, with each iteration that government swells and eventually collapses under the weight of its infrastructure. Then the process begins again with a new birth of orderliness. Humans pick up the pieces and start over, as we are wont to do.

So really what death and taxes both are are a form of entropy. A decent into disorder, chaos.

Nothing is sure in life except entropy. Nothing is sure except disorder and chaos.

Happy new year.


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