Let’s Make America Lemonade Again

“I’m absolutely stunned right now”

I woke up to those words in a text message from my social media defunct friend. He had woken up to what many thought was a real impossibility.

Having stood at the White House at 2AM that morning I already had the news. The scene was a congregation of strictly Millennials. A select few smirked with their “Make America Great Again” red snapbacks. One guy in his hat climbs a small tree and waves with mock humility. He assumes a Jesus on the cross pose.

A “Fuck Donald Trump” chant erupts and a group of Hillary supports hold vigil with their signs. There is overt sadness.

The majority were despondent. I can’t remember a time I’d seen faces so blank. People could just not compute.

The morning was damp and cloudy. My own response to my friend’s text set the tone:

“I feel hollow”

Grabbing a coffee at Panera I turn my head to the stranger next to me and remark “We live in a new world.”

With just the kind of “hey, shit happens” optimism I needed this morning, he’s quick to reply. We need to keep the faith, he reminds me.

“This doesn’t lessen my diligence and it doesn’t lessen my vigilance.”

He points to his tea, “See these lemons? Take ’em and make lemonade, ya know?”

Yeah, man. I do. Thanks.


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