Recycling: Is it Working? Yes!

If you haven’t realized, that bottle you just drank out of is almost definitely made from recycled plastic. Actually most of it is probably recycled material. Same for your newspaper and even the wine glass you used last night. And you know what, because of that less trees had to be cut down and less fossil fuels were burned to produce them all.

Recycling is one of the most direct and easiest ways to have a personal effect on global climate change by directly modifying your carbon impact. Deciding to recycle is two fold in its positive effects. One you are contributing to a cheaper and less environmentally taxing fuel for new materials (already-been-used-materials!) and two it keeps that resource out of a burdensome landfill.

The reality is in America more people are recycling than ever before and more material is being recycled than ever before. In 2010 more than two thirds of all paper was recycled and now 87% of Americans have access to curbside or drop-off recycling programs. Recycling is growing.
Some people find it hard to conceptualize why it matters to make the effort to recycle, but all it takes is some attention to what is right in front of them. Everything from the baby blue kiddie pool to steel metal containers are made from an increasing amount of recycled input. The cost is less financially and in terms of global climate change. Literally every piece of recycled material is saving some amount of natural resources. Less petroleum is burned, ecosystems destroyed, and pollutants released when you recycle.

So are you an adamant recycler? Do you wait until you can find a recycling bin for your water bottle or do you throw it in the trash with everything else? Do you recycle everything you know you can in your own home? Changing what we do in these critical moments, and I do mean critical, changes our world. It is purposefully choosing a sustainable option even though it may be a shade of inconvenient.

What’s my point? It is easy to be an adamant recycler. You most likely have the means to recycle and if you are looking for an easy way to go greener, this is it. Global climate destabilization is not an impossible colossus. Hell, we are only in this predicament because of human actions and we should feel empowered to act to mitigate some of its harmful impacts.

Recycle adamantly. It all counts.


One thought on “Recycling: Is it Working? Yes!

  1. Oh and if you are interested here are my sources:
    Talking rubbish: Is recycling working?

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    Keep America Beautiful Facts and Stats

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